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6. Februar, 20:00

| 9€

SOUNDTRIPS NRW #43 Thieke Voutchkowa

Michael Thieke – Klarinette
Biliana Voutchkova – Violine
plus NRW – Gäste

Das Duo Michael Thieke und Bialana Vouchkowa (Berlin) arbeitet improvisatorisch mit der Unschärfe: „Sie ist eine Form der Ungenauigkeit, Unbestimmtheit, Ungewissheit bei der Abbildung beziehungsweise Wiedergabe eines Objekts oder Sachverhalts, sie ist nicht zwangsläufig ein Fehler sondern kann erwünscht oder unvermeidlich sein“.

The music of the Voutchkova/Thieke duo focuses on micro tonality, imagery and intensely dynamic, often slowly developing and moving soundscapes. Violinist Biliana Voutchkova and clarinetist Michael Thieke have worked together within (and in between) both compositional and improvisational methods since 2011. They played concerts in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Serbia, Bulgaria, the USA. In 2016 the duo started developing their concept Blurred Music which is dedicated to the translation of the visual concept of blurriness into sonic forms and strategies. In 2018 Voutchkoava and Thieke received a grand from Musikfonds in Germany to develop this concept further into two new directions – a quartet extension with bass recorder player Miako Klein and double bass player Andrew Lafkas,
as well as a new long length installation format with durations of up to 5 hours.

The granulation of sound into exquisite detail was once the field of the electronic music composer. But, a new type of instrumental virtuosity has been mastered by artists such as Voutchkova and Thieke. Emerging from experimental and improvisational practices, it’s a virtuosity that puts a lens on the particles of sound within sounds. And through deconstruction of (traditionally conceived) instrumental tone, these granulated particles of sound became the material of a whole new world of music being created on the same old instruments. As a result of their close collaboration, the duo has developed a strong interest in exploring further the details of this new world increasing the sensitivity of perception for themselves and their audiences. Voutchkova and Thieke deliver the findings of these explorations with intensity, chiseled beauty and expressive communication fully formed, their search being continuous and ever expanding.


6. Februar


KunstRaum Dorissa Lem
Köln, 51823
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